Consigning Families,
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Please Support The Children's Consignment Event Recognition Act of 2017!

Why Do We Need Protection?



We are guessing you LOVE children's consignment sales events—we do too! But In 2013, the Department of Labor ruled that we did not have the right to VOLUNTEER—that doing so violated the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. We believe we DO have the right to volunteer and we want to protect families who believe that too.



If those of us who sell our items at these events are not allowed to VOLUNTEER, our sales will have to change. That means many sales will no longer be able to:

  • Allow participants to exercise their right to help out at these events where their items are being sold
  • Serve as community-building events where we all get together to help one another sell and shop and save on items we need for our kids.
  • Operate the way we have been, providing an opportunity for our families across America to help balance tight budgets and provide the very best we can.



Right now, there is a bill in Committee that could PROTECT our rights to VOLUNTEER and help our families!  The Children’s Consignment Event Recognition Act of 2017 (H.R.884/S313) would protect our right to work together to create consignment events and allow them to continue serving and helping—the way they have been for 20 years. But we NEED your help!

What's at Stake

Rhea Lana Riner of Rhea Lana's Inc. shares her story and what's at stake for all children's consignment sales events who utilize volunteers as she fights for Consignors' rights to volunteer at not only Rhea Lana sales but for sales across the industry.

So what can you do?

Text MOMS to 52886

Text MOMS to 52886 and fill out the short form which will then allow you to send a FREE message to legislators to show YOUR support for our industry.

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Contact Your Representatives

Contact YOUR local legislators and let them know YOU support The Children's Consignment Event Recognition Act of 2017—H.R. 884/S.313! CLICK HERE to  find your elected representatives.